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Screaming Females and Girlpool to Headline Don Giovanni Records’ New Alternative Music Festival

Don Giovanni Records is launching a new music festival this fall with a focus on truly independent acts. The aptly named New Alternative Music Festival will be held at Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Convention Center over the weekend of September 16 through 18. Screaming Females, Girlpool, Tenement, and Downtown Boys are among the artists on the bill. The festival, which does not have any sponsors, will only features musicians who don’t have ties to major labels or corporate distributors.

“This is a pro-weirdo event held in direct opposition to the apolitical sludge that has come to pass as ‘indie’ and that has nothing to do with operating independently,” the label said in a press release. “Where many festival bills are structured to reflect critical acclaim, the NAMF lineup is meant to reflect a community. In addition to making great music, many of these artists are involved because they are peers, tourmates, and friends.”

Tickets are available for purchase here starting at $28. Check out the full lineup below.

Screaming Females and Girlpool to Headline Don Giovanni Records' New Alternative Music Festival