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Michael C. Hall Really Loves Radiohead’s ‘Pablo Honey’ in Rehearsal Footage

In non-SXSW-related live news from this week, Manhattan’s Café Carlyle held an event last night called “Radiohead: Obsessed,” featuring Hedwig and the Angry Inch theatrical co-stars Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall leading a musical tribute to the legendary British quintet. In a couple rehearsal clips shared by Playbill, you can see Michael — also known for playing the title character in Dexter, and the David Bowie proxy in the recent Lazarus musical — going nuts on performances of a couples Radiohead tracks, trading vocals with fellow lead Lena.

What makes the footage semi-notable is that it’s not accepted ‘Head classics like “Karma Police” and “Idioteque” that the Halls are getting super-into, but rather album tracks from Radiohead’s oft-maligned (though actually underrated, YES REALLY) 1993 debut, Pablo Honey. It’s probably been 20 years since anyone, least of all Thom Yorke, felt as righteous jamming through “Ripcord” or “Thinking About You” as David Fisher does here, even cracking into a falsetto shriek at the end of the former.

Glad someone recognizes. Watch the clips here, via Pitchfork.