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Donald Trump Once Allegedly Sexually Harassed Members of Precious Metal

Los Angeles’ all-female heavy-metal outfit Precious Metal once recruited Donald Trump for the music video for their 1990 cover of Jean Knight’s 1971 ripper “Mr. Big Stuff,” according to a 1991 archival article from Entertainment Weekly. The racist, misogynistic, puerile presidential candidate allegedly appeared in the clip before a money dispute led to the band settling for a body double in the final cut.

[articleembed id=”184173″ title=”Aaron Carter Has, Sigh, Endorsed Donald Trump for President” image=”184175″ excerpt=”Aaron Carter, a child star who once enthralled tweens when he sang "I Want Candy," now wants Donald Trump to be president of the United States”]

Frontwoman Leslie Knauer claimed Trump — who was their third choice after Danny DeVito and Andrew Dice Clay declined — agreed to cameo in exchange for a $10,000 donation to a charity of his choosing, but he later asked for a whopping $250,000. “At the shoot he was very sweet,” Knauer said. “When we were done, he said, ‘This is great! Let’s take this to number one!’ But then I think he wanted to keep the money for himself.”

It gets worse: Apparently, on set, Trump made an inappropriate comment about Knauer. “He put his arm around our guitarist and said, ‘Ooh, hard body. No cellulite,’” she said. “I guess that’s his way of being complimentary.” Better than being “schlonged,” we guess?

In other old Trump news, Keith Richards once pulled a knife on the Republican frontrunner/man-sized Oompa Loompa in 1989, according to Salon. The Rolling Stones were set to finish their “Steel Wheels” tour at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall, which was going to be sponsored by the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino next door. Wanting to not be associated with Trump, the Stones demanded that he not be allowed into the show, nor that he participate in any tour promotion outside of Atlantic City. Trump decided to ignore the rock icons at his own peril: When he stepped up to the mic to promote the show anyway, Richards reportedly slammed a knife on a dressing-room table in fury before the Stones’ security forces chased off Trump’s bodyguards. Read the full drama over at Salon.