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Oneohtrix Point Never Gives Four Tet’s ‘Evening Side’ a Celestial Edit

First Janet Jackson, now Four Tet — Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin certainly has been busy in the young year putting his post-finishing touches on other artist’s songs. After a stunning deconstruction of “Rhythm Nation,” OPN has similarly restructured the B-side of Kieran Hebden’s sublime Morning/Evening release from last year. (Perhaps it’s a return favor for Four Tet’s hour-long re-imagination of Garden of Delete’s “Sticky Drama,” streamed on Boiler Room earlier this year.) Shared on Four Tet’s two-hour-long podcast, which you can hear below, his version of “Evening” opens with weathervane-esque background squeaks as steadily rolling drums carry a beatifically murmuring melody and snippets of the original’s raga-reminiscent vocals. Listen to that here as well.