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Odeko Dismantles Grime On Coruscating ‘The Yumato Spring’

Welsh newcomer Odeko is part of a rising tide of producers experimenting with U.K. rap offshoot grime’s more melodic accents and sanding down its hard edges. On his forthcoming EP for genre-upsetting stronghold GobstopperA History With Samus (out April 29), Odeko barely ventures into the lower frequencies on his chiming instrumentals. “At the time of writing the EP, I was exploring my interest into humanity’s developing obsession with technological integration, the process of creating synthetic life, virtual realities and environments and the potential future of companionship between human and AI,” he explains of the four-track effort.

On History‘s leading light, “The Yumato Spring,” Odeko layers glinting piano notes and padded synths over shivering, spacious waves of static-y sound, wandering through such a sublime landscape with purpose but without an agenda; as if straying from a park path to look at spring’s newest flowers. Listen below.