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Download GFOTY’s Surprise New Four-Track EP, ‘VIPOTY’

PC Music singer and periodical s**t-stirrer GFOTY — that’s Girlfriend of the Year if you’re keeping tabs — has just released a surprise, four-track EP she’s cheekily titled VIPOTY. Along with an accompanying short film, stamped with the tag “Keep up with the gossip and find out the truth about everyone’s favourite minor celebrity, the irreplaceable GFOTY,” the short conceptual project features “All The Love I Had,” “Amazing,” “Got My Chad,” and “Poison.”

The “Chad” in question is, in GFOTY’s fictitiously fascinating world, her Boyfriend of the Year, a chiseled subject in the music video who’s pursued by Polly, described as “an obsessive loser.” Together, the four songs string a loose, goofy, Heathers-esque narrative about love, revenge, and the mountains and molehills in between.

Download VIPOTY here and check out the accompanying film below.