Brush Up on Your Album Art History With These Clever Mashups

(Photo by Eisen Bernard Bernardo via Instagram (@albumplusart))

We’ve seen famous album covers with cats, famous album covers recreated by neonate girls, famous album covers with superheroes, and famous album covers interpreted in crumpled socks, but here’s the latest addition to the cover-reimagining cannon: Classic paintings. Genius Instagram account Album+Art (@albumplusart) is the work of  illustrator Eisen Bernard Bernardo, who melds recent and iconic record covers into works of classical painting.

Up next: Alison Goldfrapp as a Cézanne? The new New Order wedged into a Mondrian? See all of Bernardo’s gallery-worthy mashups here (he’s a big fan of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Lana Del Rey), or check out a few of our favorites below. (h/t Noisey)

Here’s Hawaiian shirt-clad Childish Gambino as one of Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period characters:

Sigur Rós running through Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World:

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Drake’s Take Care, which was a piece of classical painting to start with:

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A John Henry Frederick Bacon portrait that looks uncannily like FKA twigs:

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Kendrick Lamar, how long have you been sitting here?:

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