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et aliae Paints Emotional Soundscapes With Debut EP, ‘Rose’

Producer et aliae conjures sweeping landscapes by way of instrumental, ambient pop — evocative aural set pieces that invite viewers to mentally restage their fondest memories. The Singapore producer’s twinkling piano can’t help but evoke those emotions at the back of your brain: the ones you can’t really put to words or attach to specific experiences, but nonetheless inform who you are. Classically trained with a focus on Bach, her music is baroque but not overwhelming, complex but danceable.

On songs like “Closer Still Closer”off of her debut EP, Rose, pulsing kick drums trade places with bell-like synthesizers. “Only You” weave an ethereal tapestry our of makes distorted vocal samples. The EP’s beat-based standout, “Sober,” features velvety guest vocals from D?WN (a.k.a. Dawn Richard), who effortlessly reaches into the upper registers to charge et aliae’s production with more emotion. Stream Rose below and look out for it when it’s released March 4 via Cascine.