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There Are Some Really, Really Weird Drawings in EL VY’s ‘It’s a Game’ Video

EL VY — the newish project from The National’s Matt Berninger and Ramona Falls’ Brent Knopf — have today shared two music videos for a pair of songs off of their debut album, Return to the Moon. One is just a lyric video for “Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri,” but the other, a fully fledged visual for “It’s a Game,” is super weird.

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Directed by and starring Berninger’s brother, Tom Berninger, the video follows his creative struggles as an artist attempting to portray the two members of EL VY. What starts out as some normal, charcoal drawing portraits is quickly elaborated on with the addition of some vagina monsters and a cartoon man pooping into another cartoon man’s mouth, among other things. It’s NSFW, but watch it below anyway because it’s Friday.