Djustin Capture Love From Afar in the Shimmering ‘Stars’

Last year, Swedish pop performer Johan Angergård and Michigan vocalist Rose Suau had never met. But they’d been writing each other letters for years based on a mutual appreciation of each other’s music (the former is involved in a number of projects like the Legends, Club 8, and Pallers, and the latter in synthpop outfits Shoestrings and Invisible Twin). Finally, the pair has joined up to form Djustin, an electronic project with its first single, an urgent love ballad simply called “Stars.”

Set against trembling synths and twinkling keys, “Stars” narrates a passionate yet distant admiration from one potential lover to another, with Suau singing, “We’ll meet tonight / If the stars align / We’ll choose our fate / I’ll follow you, follow you / Until I know you by heart.”

“I love the soulful sensualism in Rose’s voice and figured she’d be perfect for the project,” Angergård says of their collaboration, adding:

I’m pretty used to writing everything myself and wanted to see what would happen if I did things in new ways. So I took the chance and sent a couple of tracks over to Rose with me singing gibberish. A week later, she dropped a recording of the finished vocals and it was… well, just lovely.

Listen to “Stars” below.


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