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Deadmau5 Uploads Yet Another New Track, ‘eborts,’ to SoundCloud

onstage at the Activision E3 2010 preview held at Staples Center on June 14, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Deadmau5 is still keeping pace with his Twitter opponent, Kanye West, who tweeted yesterday that he’d be releasing three albums a year: The EDM upsetter has added another full track to the steady stream of them — not just snippets named things like “yoloswagbae” and “Cthuhlu Twerks” — he’s been uploading to his SoundCloud. On the glitchy “eborts” (yep, that’s “strobe” spelled backwards) he indulges in an old-school dubstep-y bass line and half-time signature, notably departing from the widescreen progressive house of  “gg” and “saved.” No word yet on whether these will all appear on a forthcoming album, but listen below anyway.

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