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Deadmau5 Uploads Yet Another New Track, ‘eborts,’ to SoundCloud

The latest in a string of them

Deadmau5 is still keeping pace with his Twitter opponent, Kanye West, who tweeted yesterday that he’d be releasing three albums a year: The EDM upsetter has added another full track to the steady stream of them — not just snippets named things like “yoloswagbae” and “Cthuhlu Twerks” — he’s been uploading to his SoundCloud. On the glitchy “eborts” (yep, that’s “strobe” spelled backwards) he indulges in an old-school dubstep-y bass line and half-time signature, notably departing from the widescreen progressive house of  “gg” and “saved.” No word yet on whether these will all appear on a forthcoming album, but listen below anyway.