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Colleen Green Keeps Punk Alive With New Single, ‘Between the Lines’

Colleen Green’s music is pure ’70s punk made modern. With just a guitar and drum machine, she manages to retain the minimalism and catchy repetitiveness of the best Ramones songs, and what she lacks in the way of Joey’s trademark sneer, she makes up for with incisive Patti Smith lyrics. Just take the first two lines of her single, “Deeper Than Love,” from last year’s I Want to Grow Up: she might as well be singing “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine” when she croons, “Someday I hope for a lover to kill me / It’s the closest I can hope to get to anybody.” Green’s music isn’t needlessly aggressive or loud, but still manages to affect its listeners in the same way the best screamers do.

With her new single “Between The Lines,” Green spruces up her sound with some piano ornamentation, but doesn’t stray too far from her previous signature, delivering the same emotive sucker-punch we’ve come to expect from her. Take a listen below, and check out her forthcoming self-titled EP when it drops via Infinity Cat Recordings’ Cassette Series on May 13.