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Azealia Banks Drops New Track Shading Iggy Azalea Because the Sky Is Still Blue

Iggy Azalea vs. Azealia Banks

Mega-talented, human Faustian bargain Azealia Banks and disgraced one-year wonder Iggy Azalea are fighting because it’s Wednesday. The latter who was once affectionately nicknamed Igloo Australia by the former recently announced “I still hate Azealia Banks,” in an interview with Elle Canada, which led to what else? — a spree of furious tweets from Banks:


And then Banks dropped a squelchy new song, “Used to Being Alone,” which appears to be a breakup song and appears to paraphrase New Order‘s classic “Blue Monday” (“How does it feel / To treat me the way that you do”) but definitely interpolates the same sample of Tony Igy’s “Astromania” that Azalea used in her song “My World.” That’s a lot of Igys and Azealias. The song jams hard, though we have a feeling it’s not quite the next-level petty event that Banks has forewarned that the “Fancy” rapper will be “gagging” on. Listen to “Used to Being Alone” below.