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ZUN Dredge Up Stoner-Rock Spirits on the Pinwheeling ‘All for Nothing’

The universe of rock ‘n roll heavyweights adjacent to Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss sprawls far, wide, and extremely heavy. ZUN, the latest project of desert rock pioneer Gary Arce, features the latter’s John Garcia and doom-and-gloom mistress Sera Timms of Ides of Gemini, and on March 25 they’ll release their new LP, Burial Sunrise, via Small Stone Records. Forget ayahuasca — the album’s third listen, “All For Nothing,” conjures true California mysticism in its swirling Santa Ana winds of guitars, tribalistic drum rolls, and Garcia’s melancholic, effects-fuzzed taunts. Listen to “All For Nothing” below, and pre-order Burial Sunrise here.