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Yoko Ono: ‘I Had Nothing to Do With Breaking Up the Beatles’

"And I think Paul [McCartney] is a pretty cool dude."

Yoko Ono just released her new album Yes, I’m a Witch Too, and today she’s given Us Weekly answers for the gossip magazine’s “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” column. Most intriguing of the bunch is No. 24:

I had nothing to do with breaking up the Beatles. And I think Paul [McCartney] is a pretty cool dude.

Honestly it’s remarkable that the 83-year-old performer and artist is still defending herself from Beatles fans who blame her for the group’s splintering. Among other answers, there are some fun tidbits sprinkled in like:

John and I wasted 15 years eating macrobiotic and drinking soy milk, when all I wanted was a little half-and-half.


I prefer doing the Dougie to krumping.

What a wonderful time to be alive. Read her full Us Weekly questionnaire below.

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