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Vince Staples Reshapes Charlie Puth’s ‘Suffer’ and Makes It Worth Hearing

“See You Again” songsmith Charlie Puth released his critically reviled debut album Nine Track Mind last month, a collection of mostly insipid, sonically disinterested tunes and jingles. Today, though, Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has hopped on a remix of Puth’s “Suffer” and the resulting rework is actually a pretty palatable song.

[articleembed id=”179236″ title=”Review: Charlie Puth's Dire 'Nine Track Mind' Proves That We Can't Handle the Puth” image=”179299″ excerpt=”Go ahead, blame Wiz Khalifa”]

Sure, we could do without the 24-year-old New Jersey singer howling “Wanna make love” over and over, but the gristly, hazy production and Staples’ lolling, stream of consciousness rhymes make “Suffer” worth suffering through.