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Usher and Zayn Malik Enlisted for Chris Brown’s ‘Back to Sleep’ Remix

Nothing brings together the generations of softcore R&B sleaze quite like a Chris Brown remix. First up on the redo of Brown’s recent R&B smash is progenitor Usher, who begins his verse with “Sexual Healing” whispering and ends with a claim that would even make Marvin blush: “Girl, your pussy taste like pineapples.” Breezy’s up next, apologizing to ex Karrueche — even shouting her name at one point — for “f**king ’round with Keisha and Makayla” and “all those bitches in the elevator.”

Last up is recent chart-topper Zayn Malik, relatively tame by comparison, only promising “Somebody splitting your knees — don’t worry, that’s me.” He’s young, he’ll get there. Listen here.

(h/t The Fader)