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The Range’s New ‘Five Four’ Video Features the Grime Stars the Track Samples

Brooklyn sample-chopping producer the Range has an album out at the end of March — Potential, due on March 25 via Domino — and he’s just released a music video for that project’s “Five Four.” The grime-meets-electronica sonics of the tune are visually aided by director Daniel Kaufman’s treatment, which features the actual rappers — OphQi and Superior Thought — the Range sampled from YouTube clips on “Five Four.”

“’Five Four’ is about the frustration of not being able to change the circumstances of a situation,” the Range said in a statement. “I think [Superior Thought] captures it well – ‘Scarred from the hard tasks and dreams that never came to pass … And yet he tried to walk the straight and narrow path but he fiend for the lights and the drama need an arsenal and an armor to inflict the force and cause trauma.'”

Watch “Five Four” below.