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The Knocks and Carly Rae Jepsen Make Musical Miracles Happen on ‘Love Me Like That’

New York duo the Knocks have struck sonic, glimmering gold with their new Carly Rae Jepsen collaboration “Love Me Like That.” It’s yet another taste of the producers’ new album 55 (due out next Friday), and it’s the best evidence yet that the wait was completely worth it. Recorded late last fall (according to Instagram) after the Knocks remixed Jepsen’s “All That,” the new collaboration sparkles and explodes with pure pop brilliance. It’s the sort of song you could imagine singing ten, twenty years from now at a wedding with a bunch of your friends drunkenly arms-locked in a circle as the ballroom’s lights start to go out one-by-one. It’s timeless and fresh, clever and crackling, emotionally hefty and light as a feather.

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Hear it below and pick up 55 on March 4. In other Jepsen news, here she is singing the Full House theme song live; she’s re-recorded it with Butch Walker for Fuller House, out on Netflix this Friday.