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The AXE Collective Wants to Give You a Chance to Work With John Legend

If someone offered you a chance to fly to SXSW and share the stage with Grammy-and-Oscar-award winning recording artist John Legend — not to mention get mentored by the man himself — what would you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

After an eventful partnership last year, SPIN is partnering with John Legend and the AXE Collective again in 2016, offering aspiring creators in music and film the opportunity to show what makes them unique. This time around AXE is asking up-and-coming songwriters and filmmakers to “Find Your Magic” and let it shine through. They’re inviting artists — and they do mean artists, so whether you’re an MC, a DJ, a crooner, or face-melting guitar hero, the AXE Collective wants you — to submit a short video that puts your magic on display.

John Legend and the AXE Collective are building on the success of 2015’s run by searching for singular souls in search of a big break. “We’re encouraging people with unique voices to show us that and get a chance to be broadcasted to a larger audience,” Legend told SPIN during the program’s January launch event. The opportunity to reach fan bases all over the world is golden and something that Legend considers a key to finding purpose as an artist. “The more I’ve gotten to be on stage, the more I got to perform for people, the more I knew that that was what I was meant to do,” he told SPIN. “Find Your Magic” isn’t just a slogan for Legend, it’s the backbone of the entire AXE Collective program.

The deadline to apply is coming up quick so turn on that camera, belt out some notes or spit some bars, and take a chance to work with one of the greats.

Watch John Legend’s message below and visit the AXE Collective submission site for more information.