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Roc Nation Countersues Rita Ora, Asks for That $2.3 Million Back, Please

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25: Singer Rita Ora attends Paper Magazine's 17th annual Beautiful People Party on April 25, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Rita Ora, last seen topless on the cover of a magazine, filed a lawsuit attempting to get out of her Roc Nation deal last December, and now the label has struck back. According to BillboardRoc Nation refutes the British singer’s claims that she was “orphaned” and didn’t receive enough support from them in promoting her work. Roc Nation’s cross-complaint, which was filed this past Friday in California Superior Court, alleges that Roc Nation “tirelessly promoted” Ora’s career, and spent more than $2.3 million promoting and recording her 2012 record, Ora — an album that was never released in the United States. In response to Ora’s lawsuit, Roc Nation is now asking for that $2.3 million back, please, in addition to damages on the four LPs Ora still owes them.

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However, it’s likely that this will all be resolved out of court. Ora’s attorney, Howard E. King explained to Billboard that Roc Nation essentially had to file some sort of counterclaim or they would lose standing in the case. Jay Z, who co-founded Roc Nation, reportedly called Ora after she filed her suit, saying that Roc Nation would release her from her contract. Now the only dispute is between Ora and Sony Music, hence the countersuit.

“It was just a little twist, because Jay Z, we are told, has to answer to Sony Music, so that’s been the hangup in having this go away,” King said. “But we’re confident that Jay can resolve whatever he has to with Sony Music.”