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Kim Kardashian Polled Twitter for the Name of Kanye West’s Album and ‘Waves’ Came in Last

Update: The polls have closed, and the people have spoken. And what they said was, “Waves is the worst of these three possibly album titles by a significant margin.” So Help Me God took first place with 46 percent of the vote, while Swish nabbed second with 30 percent. Only 24 percent of voters preferred Waves to the other options. The final results say that 439,102 Twitter users cast their vote. In the first poll Kim Kardashian tweeted out, one that didn’t have So Help Me God as an option, Swish still beat out Waves 55 to 45. God bless America.  

Last night, Kim Kardashian put up a poll on Twitter asking her 39 million followers what husband Kanye West should name his upcoming album. Both of the LP’s previously floated names are on the ballot — So Help Me God and Swish — as is its current title, Waves. There are still five hours left to go until the poll closes, but as of posting, Waves is in a pretty solid last place. So Help Me God, the first title that Kanye announced way back in March of 2015, is winning by a significant margin. Though it is not on the official ballot, “fingersinthebootyassbitch” seems to be a popular write-in candidate. There’s no indication that the results of this poll are in any way binding, but one assumes that this is not the result ‘Ye must’ve been hoping for.  So Help Me God Swish Waves drops on February 11.

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Kim also seemed to clean up her husband’s Twitter mess this morning when she posted a selfie of herself and one of ‘Ye’s targets, former girlfriend Amber Rose — a meeting that deserves a Nobel Prize, given the vitriol West tweeted towards his ex last week during his social media meltdown.