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Kanye West Says He Still Doesn’t Have a Name for His New Album, Here Are Some Suggestions

First it was So Help Me God. Then it was Swish. Now it’s supposedly Waves. But according to an interview Kanye West gave on Big Boy’s radio show this morning, that title might not stick around either. ‘Ye’s next LP is dropping in seven days, but as the results of Kim Kardashian’s Twitter poll showed, the rapper’s latest choice of name isn’t exactly beloved. Since it’s entirely likely that Waves will be rechristened at least one more time between now and February 11, here are some suggestions from the gang at SPIN that Yeezus can use if he wants:

So Help Me Rational Laws of Science

Nothin’ But Net
Vote Kanye 2020
Continuing Education
Culinary School
Delete It Fat
Mo Vaughn
North, Stop Hitting Your Brother
My Beautiful Dad Twisted Fantasy
Keeping Up With the Kardashians OST vol. 1
The Kanye West Funtime Album Experience
The White Album

Cool Pants
Would Sonic and Tails Kiss?
Good energy  positive energy
Show and Prove
Deal or No Deal
Rolling Papers
Blacc Hollywood
F**k It, Waves

Check out the full interview from Big Boy’s Neighborhood below.