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Iggy Pop Says ‘Post Pop Depression’ Could Be His Last Album

"I feel like I’m closing up after this"

Iggy Pop’s new collaborative album with Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Post Pop Depression, comes out on March 18, but the 68-year-old rock pioneer is already thinking about his next move — calling it quits.

“I feel like I’m closing up after this,” NME reports Pop told a Beats 1 interviewer this week. “That’s what I feel. It’s my gut instinct.”

The full interview is a 30-minute long affair in which Pop expands on his comments a bit. When asked about the possibility that his statements mean a complete departure from music, the singer quickly clarifies. “”No. If you call me and you want to work out a deal to come and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at your mother’s, something like that, I’ll refer you to someone,” he says. “But to really make a real album you really have to put everything into it and the energy’s more limited now.”

Watch Iggy Pop’s entire new Beats 1 interview here, and see him and Homme on tour this spring if you’re worried this means he’s packing it in after 2016 wraps up.

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