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Gwen Stefani Just Debuted Her Live ‘Make Me Like You’ Music Video

Though you might’ve thought the Grammy Awards just cut to a commercial break — to be fair, they did — Gwen Stefani used the opportunity to debut the live music video for her sprightly new This Is How the Truth Feels single “Make Me Like You.” Much like Target bought Grammys ad space in 2015 to cut away to a live Imagine Dragons performance, the retailer sponsored the No Doubt singer’s innovative, eye-grabbing visual, complete with black and white costumes, backup dancers, and — in time — bursts of color and roller-skating. Sure, it was a bit like watching a flashmob unfold in realtime  — especially when a skating stunt double took a spill mid-shot — but who can fault the pop star when it looked like she was having the time of her life? Technically spot-on, the video’s the definition of quintessential Stefani — bold, colorful, peppy, and utterly timeless.

Watch Stefani’s “Make Me Like You” video below, and pick up This Is How the Truth Feels on March 18.