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Gosh Pith Find a ‘New Balance’ on Phantasmagoric New Track

“Mix the molly with the water, call it ‘new balance’ / Running from the cops, it’s a new balance,” slur Detroit’s Gosh Pith, with a slight affectation recalling Migos’ triplet cadence, on the chimeric “New Balance.” “All these broken hearts, ’til it’s too tragic.” The duo of Joshes (childhood friends Smith and Freed) navigate these murky waters between the drug’s emotional effects and its legal ramifications with a voodoo-like cauldron of hearty guitars, reverb echoing father than Alice down the rabbithole, and synth ripples as luxurious as A$AP Rocky‘s den of iniquity. Off of their forthcoming EP, Gold Chain, out February 26 via B3SCI Records, “New Balance” pays homage to the avant-rap of Corbin’s (f.k.a. Spooky Black) the Stand4rd crew and Shlohmo‘s crepuscular production while combining those sounds in an entirely novel way. Listen below.