Watch DIIV Cover Elliott Smith’s ‘Ballad of Big Nothing’

Zachary Cole Smith and Colin Caulfield of Brooklyn rock band DIIV recently dropped by HERO Magazine to record an acoustic cover of Elliott Smith’s “Ballad of Big Nothing.”

DIIV frontman Cole Smith reveres the other Smith at hand, telling HERO that the late singer-songwriter’s music was a huge influence on the way [Cole Smith] recorded the vocals, tracked the vocals, the harmonies” for the band’s new album Is the Is Are. According to the magazine, Cole Smith owns an acoustic guitar that Elliott Smith once played, gifted to him by Night Time, My Time singer Sky Ferreira.

The DIIV musician and Ferreira are both avowed Smith fans: they performed together at a 2013 tribute show marking 10 years since his death.

Watch the DIIV members’ gentle take on “Big Nothing” below, via Pitchfork:


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