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Conan O’Brien and Grace Potter Cover the White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ for the Actual Army

Conan O’Brien shipped out to Qatar recently to perform for U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. While there, he and Grace Porter decided to entertain the army by performing a modified cover of the White Stripes’ classic hit, “Seven Nation Army.” Modified, because O’Brien changed the into to be a little more, well, topical.

“I should not play guitar / Or shovel pork products into my jaw / There’s no drinking and no smoking and no pork, it’s a living hell,” the host sings. “But who cares when you guys have got a fucking Taco Bell / And as long as there’s free wi-fi, I’m never going home!” Watch the web-exclusive performance below.;eyJ0eXBlIjoicmVsYXRlZCIsImlkIjo5MzA1Mn0