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Charlie Puth Makes Really Sexy Times With a Woman in His New ‘Suffer’ Video

SPIN wrote about Vince Staples’ remix of Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind cut “Suffer” earlier today, but now Puth’s up and released a music video for the track, one in which he slaps a woman’s bare ass and kisses her right on the mouth while staring at the camera, straight into your soul.

The visual’s meant to be a home movie of sorts, documenting the (fictional) couple’s home life. It starts with the woman unbuttoning her flannel and doing a “sexy” dance for Puth as he videotapes her. Then they proceed to rub each others’ wrists before Puth sticks his tongue in the woman’s mouth and proceeds directly to the piano, where he surely breaks right into Tracy Morgan’s fictional 30 Rock song “Does This Song Make You Wanna Do It?”

Then, according to the video’s timeline, the pair move to the bedroom, make out there for a while, then take a hot shower — after which they move back to the bed for some more heavy petting and super sensual kissing. Suffer through Charlie Puth’s real sexy “Suffer” video below.