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Yeasayer Share Hallucinatory New Track, ‘I Am Chemistry’

Yeasayer at Governors Ball, New York City, June 9, 2013

Update: Yeasayer have announced a new album, Amen & Goodbye, out April 1 via Mute. It’s their first since 2012’s Fragrant World. Watch the video for “I Am Chemistry” here and find the track list below.

Amen & Goodbye track list:
1. “Daughters of Cain”
2. “I Am Chemistry”
3. “Silly Me”
4. “Half Asleep”
5. “Dead Sea Scrolls”
6. “Prophecy Gun”
7. “Computer Canticle 1”
8. “Divine Simulacrum”
9. “Child Prodigy”
10. “Gerson’s Whistle”
11. “Uma”
12. “Cold Night”
13. “Amen & Goodbye”

After teasing song previews over the holidays, the psychedelic musical lab rats in Brooklyn’s Yeasayer have revealed a whole new song, Pitchfork has pointed out. “I Am Chemistry” reverberates with the trio’s signature freewheeling synthesizers and high harmonies — until a piano-sprinkled choir appears as something of a curveball in the final minutes of the song. Listen here via Spotify.