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Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Wandered Into a CNN Live Shot and Talked About the Blizzard

A massive blizzard is covering the East Coast with more than a foot of snow, and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is imploring New Yorkers to stay off the streets while the storm continues. But, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler didn’t wan’t to miss a thing, it would seem. A CNN reporter was broadcasting from out in the cold when the singer and his daughter Mia Tyler happened to pass by. They talked about the weather for a bit, as one does, and Tyler used the impromptu airtime to say “hi” to his family, give an amateur weather forecast (he thinks the snow’s going to keep him stranded in New York for a while), and plug that he’s doing Howard Stern on Monday. The 24-hour news cycle is so weird, you guys. Watch below — and stay warm.