Sam Smith Got Mighty Defensive When Asked About Radiohead’s ‘Spectre’ Theme

“Writing’s On the Wall,” the James Bond theme that Sam Smith wrote for Spectre, is by all accounts a pretty boring song. Perhaps that’s why the crooner was a little defensive when he was asked if he heard Radiohead’s unused, much more interesting theme. “Where you shocked when Thom Yorke released a Spectre theme song on Christmas day?” a reporter asked at a Golden Globes press conference, as seen in a video obtained by Variety.

“Thom Yorke?” Smith replied, seemingly not knowing who the iconic musician was until cowriter Jimmy Napes whispered “Radiohead” in his ear. “Not going to lie, a little bit surprised,” he said, “but I haven’t listened to it personally because I did the Spectre theme song,” he joked.

You sure did, Sam. You sure did. *sigh*

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Has Sam Smith listened to Radiohead's #Spectre theme song…Has SAM SMITH listened to Radiohead's "Spectre" theme song? #GoldenGlobes

Posted by Variety on Monday, January 11, 2016



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