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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sling Sun-Streaked Guitar Pop on ‘Wither With You’

Tongue-twisting tunes for warmer weather

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are a wordy bunch of Melbourne, Australian beachmongers. First, there’s the name: Four words resonant with an oddly pleasing cadence (but if you’re short on time, they’re abbreviated Rolling Blackouts C.F.). Then there’s the slightly tongue-twisting title of “Wither With You,” off of the quintet’s forthcoming mini-LP, Talk Tight, out March 25 via Ivy League 

But don’t let all that distract from sitting back and letting the music itself wash over you. “Wither With You” coasts easy/breezy on a quick-fingered bass line and twittering guitar interplays as the lyric video’s eye-popping colors of  green grass, blue water, and red Coca-Cola ads attract the eyes. And in case you missed it, there’s another word play: Those whispered words that sound like “Shake shake”? They’re actually “S**t s**t.” Watch the clip here and find the Talk Tight track list and album art below.

Talk Tight

Talk Tight track list:
1. “Wither With You”
2. “Wide Eyes”
3. “Heard You’re Moving”
4. “Clean Slate”
5. “Tender Is The Neck”
6. “Write Back”
7. “Career”