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Mugwump Channels Depeche Mode on Icy Live Version of ‘After They Fall’

The Mugwumps, if you’ll recall from your high school history class, were Republican dissidents who supported Grover Cleveland in the late 1880s. For about ten years afterward, the term became a pejorative one for anyone fleeing their political party, and nearly 150 years later, it’s been adopted by a Belgian leftfield DJ and producer specializing in a whole other kind of party: the dance party.

On January 22, Mugwump (a.k.a. Geoffroy) will release a 13-track deluxe edition of his debut LP Unspell, which arrived last year. The album’s live version of “After They Fall,” backed by a four-piece band that will tour with him for a handful of dates you can find below, is a synthesized post-punk joy ride. His breathy intonations fuel an icy whirlwind of staccato keyboard stabs, not unlike Depeche Mode or a more emotionally removed Cold Cave. Listen here, and pre-order the record at Subfield/iK7.

Mugwump live tour dates:
January 15 — Groningen, NE @ Eurosonic Noorderslag
January 23 — Liège, BE @ Les TransArdentes Festival
February 27 — Brussels, BE @ ABBota Festival