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MMOTHS Evokes Calm Through Complexity on New Single ‘Eva’

After four years of making music as MMOTHS, Jack Colleran is finally releasing his debut LP, Luneworks, on March 11 via Because Music/OYAE. “Eva,” the second single off of the 14-track effort, showcases the Dublin musician and producer’s singing more than “Deu,” which dropped in November. Even though the 22-year-old cites My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields (a fellow Dubliner) as a lodestar for the different layers, textures, and distortions on “Eva,” this time his soft, smooth vocals complement the instrumentation rather than battling fuzzy pulses of steady bass.

The complexity of the track belies its focused pacing and repetition, much like the process Colleran took to write and produce Luneworks. Over the span of a month, Colleran wrote the album in Los Angeles entirely at night, by himself, so he wouldn’t have any distractions. Another inspiration, he said, was the “quietness of the city at night,” which comes through in his indoor voice and simple melodic choices. Listen to “Eva” here, and if you’re London-based, order tickets here to MMOTHS’ recently announced show at the Pickle Factory on February 10.