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Katy B Teases Star-Studded New Album ‘Honey’ With Smooth Title Track

British pop singer Katy B – one of the smartest, most genre-blurring entertainers of her ilk  — teased her new album Honey last month with the premiere of “Calm Down,” a collaboration with Four Tet and Floating Points. Today, she’s revealed the album’s title track and a track list stuffed with so many varied musical partners that, if you’re a fan, your head might come a bit unhinged. “Honey” itself is a KAYTRANADA product, a dizzy, smoothy slicked back R&B number that falls squarely into Katy B’s sweet spot – pop that refuses to conform to limitations.

The rest of the album looks to be equally as innovative in its approach: hitching up to the Honey rodeo are names like Major Lazer, Craig David, MssingNo, Kate Simko, Novelist, and more. Hear “Honey” below and find the album’s full track list there as well. Honey is out on April 29 via Rinse, Columbia Records, and Sony.

Katy B, Honey track list:
1. “Honey” (Katy B & KAYTRANADA)
2. “Who I Am” (Katy B, Major Lazer & Craig David)
3. “So Far Away” (Katy B, Wilkinson & Stamina MC)
4. “Chase Me” (Katy B, Sasha Keable & JD. Reid)
5. “Lose Your Head” (Katy B, The HeavyTrackerz, J Hus & D Double E)
6. “I Wanna Be” (Katy B & Chris Lorenzo)
7. “Calm Down” (Katy B, Four Tet & Floating Points)
8. “Heavy” (Katy B & Mr. Mitch)
9. “Turn the Music Louder (Rumble)” [KDA, Tinie Tempah & Katy B]
10. “Dark Delirium” (Katy B, Jamie Jones & Kate Simko)
11. “Water Rising” (Katy B, MssingNo & Geeneus)
12. “Dreamers” (Katy B & Hannah Wants)
13. “Honey (Outro)” [Katy B, Novelist & Geeneus]
14. “Honey (Continuous Mix)”