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Kate Bush Pens Touching Tribute to David Bowie

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 17: David Bowie in silhouette performs on the first night of his UK tour at the MEN Arena on November 17, 2003 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Famously private singer Kate Bush penned a rare public statement to paid tribute to the late David Bowie, who died last week at age 69. In a short remembrance that was printed in The Guardian, the Hounds of Love artist celebrated the unique genius of the Thin White Duke, and her shock at hearing that he had died.

[articleembed id=”177356″ title=”David Bowie: You Walked Into My Life Out of My Dreams” image=”177357″ excerpt=”For the kids from the '70s disappointed by the purported normalization of David Bowie in the '80s, take a look at this poster”]

David Bowie had everything. He was intelligent, imaginative, brave, charismatic, cool, sexy and truly inspirational both visually and musically. He created such staggeringly brilliant work, yes, but so much of it and it was so good. There are great people who make great work but who else has left a mark like his? No one like him.

I’m struck by how the whole country has been flung into mourning and shock. Shock, because someone who had already transcended into immortality could actually die. He was ours. Wonderfully eccentric in a way that only an Englishman could be.

Whatever journey his beautiful soul is now on, I hope he can somehow feel how much we all miss him.

The Guardian has collected other artists’ remembrances as well, all of which you can see here.