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Iggy Azalea Crashes Into 2016 With Bombastic ‘Azillion’

Late Friday night, Iggy Azalea planted the first seeds of what she hopes will eventually flower into her 2016 comeback by posting the new song “Azillion” to her SoundCloud page. “*BUZZ TRACK… 4 MY RATZ*” the song’s info reads, leading one to believe it’s not an official single, but just a song to clear the decks on her 2015 and re-announce her presence with authority for the new year. The song does that, with massive house synths pairing with trap beats for one of Iggy’s hugest-sounding songs yet. Of course, there’s still not a ton going on here lyrically, as exemplified by the mind-numbing chorus: “What’s a milli to a billion / Forget a billi keep it trill-ion / We looking’ pretty in the build-on / Looking like a trillion, feeling like azillion”

Close enough. Listen here.