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Elderbrook Gets Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Out of His Head by Covering It

Quite a few reluctant Justin Bieber fans have been taken with the ruin-climber‘s latest, partially Skrillex-helmed album Purpose, including downtempo U.K. singer/producer Elderbrook. “I’ve caught myself singing along to a few of Bieber’s new tracks recently, particularly ‘Sorry,'” he tells SPIN. “I had the original tune in my head for ages and thought a good way to deal with that was to put my own spin on it.”

That he did: Perhaps best-known for his lackadaisically pumping collaboration with German DJ duo Andhim, “How Many Times,” Elderbrook turned “Sorry” into his own. With the flick of a studio switch, the Biebs’ hummable story of repentance transforms into a sinister, sultry lust story twinkling like headlights flashing through a late-night cab window. Listen here.