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Courtney Barnett Declares Her Love of Instant Ramen on ‘Three Packs a Day’

Milk! Records, label of SPIN’s 2015 Songwriter of the Year Courtney Barnett, is set to release their second compilation, Good For Younext month, and it features a new song from the “Despreston” singer — one that isn’t exactly heart healthy. “Three Packs a Day” doesn’t boast about Barnett’s smoking habits — how could it, given how smooth her vocals are above the casual guitar and folks harmonica blares — but it’s about slurping down an absurd amount of cheap, sodium and MSG-packed instant ramen. Stream it below, and look for the Milk! Records compilation, the follow-up 2014’s A Pair Of Pears (With Shadows), on Valentines Day, February 14.