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Courtney Barnett Declares Her Love of Instant Ramen on ‘Three Packs a Day’

It's part of latest Milk! Records compilation, 'Good For You'

Milk! Records, label of SPIN’s 2015 Songwriter of the Year Courtney Barnett, is set to release their second compilation, Good For Younext month, and it features a new song from the “Despreston” singer — one that isn’t exactly heart healthy. “Three Packs a Day” doesn’t boast about Barnett’s smoking habits — how could it, given how smooth her vocals are above the casual guitar and folks harmonica blares — but it’s about slurping down an absurd amount of cheap, sodium and MSG-packed instant ramen. Stream it below, and look for the Milk! Records compilation, the follow-up 2014’s A Pair Of Pears (With Shadows), on Valentines Day, February 14.