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Waxahatchee Shares Intimate, Pleading ‘La Loose’ Video

Eye contact is an effective tool

Waxahatchee has shared a stirring new music video for her delicate love song “La Loose,” a cut from one of SPIN’s Best Albums of 2015Ivy Tripp. Director Naomi Yang described the clip, which features Waxahatchee wandering about two desolate, empty locations while looking out at the viewer, like this:

“La Loose” is a song of love and longing, though dark at its edges with feelings of ambivalence. I wanted the video to be a visual equivalent to the song lyric, “a charming picture of hysteria in love” — a spinning emotional kaleidoscope of desire and rejection, adoration and anger, hope and despair. For this reason I set the video in mirror-twin locations: An abandoned, haunted amusement park and a thriving farm out of a beautiful dream.

Which is all well and good, but the settings of the video are secondary to the sheer magnetism of Katie Crutchfield’s repeated gazes. She draws the viewer in in a raw, intimate way that makes for a really, really effective visual. Watch below.

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