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Surfer Blood’s Thom Feteke Releases ‘Burner’ Cassette, Proceeds Will Go to His Cancer Treatment

Surfer Blood guitarist Thom Feteke has been battling a rare form of cancer since earlier this year, and today he’s released a new cassette dealing with that experience. Recorded, according to a press release, after a pair of surgeries and just as he was beginning chemotherapy, the album documents both the good and bad moments of this tumultuous time in his life.

“Some of these songs reflect on good times, days I’m able to walk on my own, talk, and function like a somewhat normal human being,” He wrote in a press statement. “Others remind me of barfing between vocal takes, wheel chairs, dilaudid withdrawals, and tears, from my family, my spouse, my dear friends.”

Still, he says the record confronts these moments with a smile. “I did manage to find some humor in my situation, and I hope that helps level out all the heavy stuff,” he said.

This release is available now on Joyful Noise, both digitally and as a limited edition cassette. All proceeds from the release will go toward Feteke’s cancer treatment. Listen to the blown-out single “Treason” here.