Speedy Ortiz Head to ‘Twin Peaks’ in Their ‘My Dead Girl’ Video

With help from some felt puppets (some might call them Muppets), Speedy Ortiz have crafted a pretty pitch-perfect tribute to the works of David Lynch in their video for “My Dead Girl.” Drawn from this year’s Foil Deer, the clip places singer/guitarist Sadie Dupuis in a number of Lynch’s most prominent roles, including but not limited to Twin Peaks‘ Agent Dale Cooper, Eraserheads Lady in the Radiator, the “Silencio” singer from Mulholland Drive, and the lounge performer from Blue Velvet, all while a side story involving her felt friends unfolds around her. It’s got that especially Lynchian atmosphere of the mundane feeling creepy and the surreal feeling everyday, so it’s definitely worth checking out here via Vanity Fair.



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