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Watch Protomartyr’s Deadpan Tiny Desk Concert


Detroit post-punk nihilists Protomartyr are one of SPIN‘s 50 Best Rock Bands Right Now, and their existential exegesis The Agent Intellect is one of SPIN‘s 50 Best Albums of 2015, so it’s about time they graced NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series with their thrillingly incongruous juxtaposition of gnarled, steel wool guitars, acerbic lyricism, and singer — talker/pointificator, really — Joe Casey’s impenetrable facial expression. They performed Intellect‘s “Why Does It Shake?”, “Devil in His Youth,” and “Three Swallows” off of their 2012 LP, No Passion All Technique (can’t say they don’t have a self-aware sense of humor). Watch the clip here.