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Nimmo Tackle Love and Death with Electro-Pop Bombast on ‘UnYoung’

London electro-pop upstarts Nimmo ask the big questions in life. “What have we become?” sing Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett on their breakout track, “Dilute This,” and now, on their second single, “UnYoung,” the five-piece worries about something even grander: What will we become when we’re no longer anything at all?

Due early next year with remixes from neighborhood heavyweights Paul Woolford (a.k.a. Special Request) and Lone, and helmed by British producer Oli Bayston (a.k.a Boxed In), “UnYoung” breaks down existential anxieties via hefty kick drum wallops and Nimmo and Gauntlett’s plush, harmonious tenors. A gentle undercurrent of pianos keeps the song surging towards its inevitable glittering climax — and our own demise.

“UnYoung,” according to Gauntlett, is “a song about the fear of our parents or loved ones in general dying, and only being remembered in photographs on a mantelpiece. As the instrumentation progressed, ‘UnYoung’ became a celebration of your family and just being alive.” Stream it here.