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Lady Leshurr’s Brilliant ‘Queen’s Speech 5’ Is 2015’s Crowning Freestyle

British rapper Lady Leshurr turned the U.S. upside-down last summer when she realized her barb-laden freestyle “Queen’s Speech 4,” a tongue-twisting hip-hop scorcher that quickly worked its way into steady (worthy) Beats 1 rotation thanks to its snappy pop culture references and intricate wordplay.

Leshurr knows the value of good buzz, and she’s just dropped “Queen’s Speech 5” and its accompanying music video as well. It’s hashtag rap elevated to another level of brilliance, her thick accent slicing through her own grin-cracking bars (with a solid “Bye Felicia!” reference tossed in for good measure). “Your lips look like crispy bacon,” she snarls with a gigantic smile on her face as she sashays down a street, throwing in references to DJ Khaled’s Snapchat game and Adele’s “Hello” in one breath. All hail “Queen’s Speech 5.”