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The Killers Offer a Grimy Video for ‘Dirt Sledding,’ Their Annual Christmas Single

Since 2005, the Killers have had a holiday tradition of releasing a Christmas-themed single and video, and today they’ve returned with their tenth installment, “Dirt Sledding,” the video for which features a violent and destitute Santa Claus. This visual makes up part of what the band call their “Santa Trilogy,” which also features 2007’s “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” and 2012’s “I Feel It in My Bones.” All three of the videos star longtime band friend Ryan Pardey as a Santa Claus figure who’s just a little off.

The song itself offers a fair bit more twang than you’re probably used to from the Las Vegas arena rockers, but Brandon Flowers’ list of Christmas wishes (“pretty girls, Christmas lights, mistletoe, holy nights”) preserve the song’s festive spirit. Watch over at Rolling Stone.


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