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Kid Cudi Cancels Tour and Shares New Single, ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’

"I need to regroup. I have to."

Kid Cudi has taken a detour on his “Pursuit of Happiness,” as the rapper announced today that he’s canceling his upcoming “Especial” tour this winter. He blamed production and personal issues for the cancelation. “I got a lot I’m dealing with at this time in my personal life too and in order for the shows to be the best experience possible as well as keeping my sanity intact, I need to regroup,” he wrote in a message posted to Twitter. “I have to.”

He did, however, share a new song, “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven,” the title track from his upcoming album that’s set to drop this Friday. Cudi’s “No, Mom, just five more minutes. I don’t want to get up for school,” vocal style isn’t exciting and sounds weirdly out of place, but the production on the ominous beat is pretty good. Stream it here.

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