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Kamera Cycles Through Tough-As-Nails Techno on ‘Consignia’

U.K. producer Erol Alkan has given a variety of artists and DJs a platform via his Phantasy Sound label, including techno dark horse Daniel Avery and eccentric crooner Connan Mockasin. His latest signee is Kamera, who’s followed in the label founder’s footsteps with relentlessly driving soundtracks for 16-hour nights in a German bunker converted into a nightclub — or, in the case of his forthcoming EP Ventoux (due January 29), for biking down mountains in France. Kamera says the so-called “Beast of Provence” inspired the brute force beats of “Consignia,” its minimal, clanging rotation like something you’d hear in Triplets of Belleville if it took place in Detroit and actually starred the Belleville Three. Listen here, find the EP artwork below, and head on over to Phantasy’s website to pre-order Ventoux.

Kamera Cycles Through Tough-As-Nails Techno on 'Consignia'