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JoJo Just Surprise Released a New EP, ‘#LOVEJO2’

Earlier this year, long-dormant (not by choice) pop star with the proper pipes JoJo released her delightfully titled three-track “tringle,” which served as both a welcome return for the vocalist as well as a leap and a bound towards the bright and shiny musical future for the 24-year-old.

Moments ago, JoJo dropped #LOVEJO2, a surprise project that features three new ones — “Right on Time,” the ’90s-house thumping “Back2Life” (courtesy of Soul II Soul, of course) and “Thinkin Out Loud” — as well as a remix of her tringle cut “When Love Hurts.” It’s beyond a holiday treat to have her back and punching harder and faster than ever before. Passion and drive makes people churn out phenomenal work like this. Give it a spin below.